• 4 luxury apartments ECCO

    Killer view ECCO Duplex apartments with ample terraces with great views!

  • ECCO Duplex #3

    Modern and comfortable 2 bedroom + 2 bathroom quality apartment with ample terraces and extraordinary ocean views

  • ECCO Duplex #4

    Modern luxury duplex apartment with killer views over Pacific ocean, coastline and Andes mountain range!

  • ECCO Duplex #1

    Stunning design duplex apartment with grand terrace boasting spectacular views!

  • ECCO Duplex #2

    Luxury apartment with killer views for comfort travelers!

  • Queen Mary Duplex

    The most comfortable & luxurious Valparaiso apartment with amazing views

  • Pablo Neruda Apartment

    Pablo Neruda Apartment is a nicely refurnished 3 bedroom apartment for upto 6 persons, great for families and small groups.

  • Bellavista Cottage

    Bellavista Cottage is a nicely restored 2 bedroom apartment with private garden for upto 4 persons, 60m2 of living space + 40m2 garden

    The Wave theater

    During November 2015, 16 students with the lead of two teachers of the Oslo School of Architecture are staying at 4 Valparaiso Experience Apartments and are concluding a tremendous non profit project: The Wave Theater.

    Local social movement “Sitio Eriazo” has invited the Scarcity and Creativity Studio – an Oslo School of Architecture initiative to help create a multifunctional public space on a currently vacant lot on Avenida Ecuador 428. The project plan is the development of a flexible events space with an open air theater, toilet and full kitchen to serve food and drinks during music events, theater and artistic performances. Also included and two workshop spaces, for arts and crafts schooling and teaching, and where the community can come to realize their projects. A green wall and vegetable garden, where Sitio Eriazo can plant vegetables and herbs to be used in the kitchen.

    The opening of the theater is on Saturday November 28th, 2015: Sitio Eriazo, Avenida Ecuador 428, Valparaiso. More information on the development of the Wave theater please visit:

    A beautiful project and a great new space for the community of Valparaiso, thanks to all participants of the Scarcity Creativity Studio!
    Valparaiso 2015 - Oslo School of Architecture
    Design open air theater in Valparaiso by Oslo School of Architecture & Design

    Fotografía - FIFV 2013

    Entre el 31 de octubre y el 10 de noviembre 2013 Valparaiso Experience proveerá sus apartamentos a los participantes de la 4a edición del Festival Internacional de Fotografía Valparaíso; en la edición del 2012 estuvo a cargo de los talleres el reconocido fotógrafo Antoine d’Agata (agencia Magnum), el resultado de estos trabajos se plasmaron en un libro que será presentado en la inauguración del Festival, a celebrarse nuevamente en www.pcdv.cl (Ex Carcél). Más información sobre el evento en www.fifv.cl

    Fine Arts Museum!

    15 Feb

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    After a period of 11 years, the Fine Arts Museum of Valparaiso – better known as Palacio Baburizza – is open to the public. A complete restauration of the interior of the Palace, the outside and garden, including a new subterranean area underneath the Paseo Yugoslavo, and a fine art collection, reinstate the sublime architecture and beauty of the glorious era of Valparaiso in the early 20th century.

    For more information please visit the website of the tourist office of Valparaiso: http://www.ciudaddevalparaiso.cl/inicio/grandes_obras_detalle.php?id_hito=26

    Ocean view apartments in Valparaiso, Chile!

    11 May

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    apartments in Valparaiso, Chile

    VISIT CHILE: travel and explore Valparaiso!
    Cold at home in Europe, canada or us, it is sunny and warm here! Still availability for high season 2020.

    SUMMER SEASON DEAL: book 4 nights, and get an extra night for FREE!
    Offer valid for direct bookings and stays in JANuary, FEBruary or MARCH 2020

    Travel for short, mid or long term, vacation, leisure or work, it all starts with a great place to stay.

    Ocean view apartments

    Valparaíso Experience provides great home rental apartments in Valparaiso, Chile, World Heritage port city. All apartments are fully furnished and equipped. Located on residential and safe hill Bellavista: Queen Mary Duplex (4 bedrooms for 8 guests), Pablo Neruda Apartment (3 bedrooms for up to 6 guests) and Bellavista Cottage (2 bedrooms for 4 guests); and 3 stunning duplex apartments with the same incredible panoramic views; each with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and ample terraces, very comfortable for 4 persons.

    Valparaiso Experience

    Choose your preferred apartment, check availability and book! Group travels, long term rent or specific wishes, just contact us!

    A hypnotizing art collection in your apartment, a variety of oil paintings to choose from. Fair trade, buy straight from local artists.

    Try chilean delights, prepared and served at home in your apartment by a local Chef!

    Citytours, wine tasting at the vineyards of Casablanca valley, excursions, airport transfer service... we arrange it for our guests!