Funicular Bellavista hill

14 Jul

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After more than 5 years closed, this month July 2014 our beloved funicular Espiritu Santo on cerro Bellavista re-opened!
Built in 1911, this incline was in use until shortly after the earthquake on Feb. 27th 2010 in Chile, and suddenly closed without further explanation.
The many “ascensores” in Valparaiso were built around 1900, during the golden age and explosive growth of then the most important port city in the South Pacific. For obscure reasons a number of the funiculars – ascensores were privatized; finally, after many years 6 funiculars were expropriated, or better said, bought by the Chilean state. Gradually the funiculars are being remodeled, restored, and provide this typical and very practical means of transport up the steep hill of this colorful World Heritage of port city Valparaiso.

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