• 4 luxury apartments ECCO

    Killer view ECCO Duplex apartments with ample terraces with great views!

  • ECCO Duplex #3

    Modern and comfortable 2 bedroom + 2 bathroom quality apartment with ample terraces and extraordinary ocean views

  • ECCO Duplex #4

    Modern luxury duplex apartment with killer views over Pacific ocean, coastline and Andes mountain range!

  • ECCO Duplex #1

    Stunning design duplex apartment with grand terrace boasting spectacular views!

  • ECCO Duplex #2

    Luxury apartment with killer views for comfort travelers!

  • Queen Mary Duplex

    The most comfortable & luxurious Valparaiso apartment with amazing views

  • Pablo Neruda Apartment

    Pablo Neruda Apartment is a nicely refurnished 3 bedroom apartment for upto 6 persons, great for families and small groups.

  • Bellavista Cottage

    Bellavista Cottage is a nicely restored 2 bedroom apartment with private garden for upto 4 persons, 60m2 of living space + 40m2 garden

    3 op reis in Valparaiso!

    Famous Dutch travel program “3 op reis” by BNN (Bart News Network) is currently in Chile (January 2015). Tonight a special edition on the city of Valparaiso will be broadcasted on Dutch television.

    With a new and refreshing approach, this program is always on top of travel trends. For every destination a must see for young and adventurous travelers: where to go, what to do, adventure and sports, good food and great accommodation, never a dull moment in Valparaiso!

    Click here to watch the last episode of “3 op Reis” in Santiago de Chile & Valparaiso, presented by Dennis Storm (in Dutch!).

    Reis programa 3 op reis in Chili

    Chilean wine!

    5 May

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    Welcome home! For every booking a bottle of Chilean welcome wine! Nothing better than a warm “welcome home” and a bottle of Chilean wine waiting for you!
    Wether you stay just a couple of nights, a week or perhaps months, upon arrival at your Valparaiso Experience Apartment you will have a bottle of typical chilean wine on the dining table.

    Did you know that a chilean wine “Reserva” is normally matured between 6 and 12 months on oak barrels, typically red wines. “Gran Reserva” wines in Chile are in general of limited production and matured at least 12 months or more on oak barrels. Since the denominations of wines are not regulated by law in Chile, you might find differences to the general rules just described, also other names are used for (gran) reserva such as single vineyard or vineyard reserve.


    Fotografía - FIFV 2013

    Entre el 31 de octubre y el 10 de noviembre 2013 Valparaiso Experience proveerá sus apartamentos a los participantes de la 4a edición del Festival Internacional de Fotografía Valparaíso; en la edición del 2012 estuvo a cargo de los talleres el reconocido fotógrafo Antoine d’Agata (agencia Magnum), el resultado de estos trabajos se plasmaron en un libro que será presentado en la inauguración del Festival, a celebrarse nuevamente en www.pcdv.cl (Ex Carcél). Más información sobre el evento en www.fifv.cl

    Private Tour

    7 May

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    Private walking tour by Tours4Tips!
    The perfect introduction to the asymetric beauty of Valparaiso.
    Meeting at your apartment, your personal guide takes you for a 3 hours adventurous walk into this world of history, the port glory of the 20th century, fascinating architecture, guiding you through a colorful labyrinth of alleys, pasajes, pintoresc staircases, all on foot and riding the oldest trolleybus line in the world.

    Fine Arts Museum!

    15 Feb

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    After a period of 11 years, the Fine Arts Museum of Valparaiso – better known as Palacio Baburizza – is open to the public. A complete restauration of the interior of the Palace, the outside and garden, including a new subterranean area underneath the Paseo Yugoslavo, and a fine art collection, reinstate the sublime architecture and beauty of the glorious era of Valparaiso in the early 20th century.

    For more information please visit the website of the tourist office of Valparaiso: http://www.ciudaddevalparaiso.cl/inicio/grandes_obras_detalle.php?id_hito=26

    Choose your preferred apartment, check availability and book! Group travels, long term rent or specific wishes, just contact us!

    A hypnotizing art collection in your apartment, a variety of oil paintings to choose from. Fair trade, buy straight from local artists.

    Try chilean delights, prepared and served at home in your apartment by a local Chef!

    Citytours, wine tasting at the vineyards of Casablanca valley, excursions, airport transfer service... we arrange it for our guests!