4 luxury apartments ECCO


The new ECCO building provides 4 modern, high quality luxury apartments, each on 2 floors – duplex – with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms ample living & full kitchen. Sustainable, environmental friendly development. Built with the highest standards and quality products, water provided by solar energy, double glazing windows, central heating. The apartments are next to each other, all with ample deck terraces and great views.

Each unit is private and independent, yet perfect to combine for groups or bigger families: a gate connects the terraces between ECCO duplex #1 and ECCO duplex #2, whereas ECCO duplex 3 and ECCO Duplex 4 share a patio at the entrance.


apartment layout


Choose your preferred apartment, check availability and book! Group travels, long term rent or specific wishes, just contact us!

A hypnotizing art collection in your apartment, a variety of oil paintings to choose from. Fair trade, buy straight from local artists.

Try chilean delights, prepared and served at home in your apartment by a local Chef!

Citytours, wine tasting at the vineyards of Casablanca valley, excursions, airport transfer service... we arrange it for our guests!