Bart and youngest son Enzo at the beach

Life is a travel, enjoy it all the way!

As a porteño (port person) – born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands – I always loved ships coming in from all over the world and dreamed of exploring all these far away places. After finishing my law study and working some years in Amsterdam it was time to start my world travels, over land though, I left Holland on an old ’76 motorbike and drove down to Madrid, Spain. After traveling Latinamerica in 1999, I knew one day I would start a project somewhere on this beautiful continent. The moment I arrived in Valparaíso, this lively, colorful port city on the south Pacific coast intrigued me and I was fascinated by its charm and asymetric beauty. This is a place to visit, to stay, to live, you can never get enough of the marvelous views over the city, ocean and Andes mountain range.

at our apartment in Valparaiso, Chile
Whenever you have a plan you believe in, you should do it. For me that was Valparaiso Experience: creating, building, furnishing and providing beautiful and functional spaces on THE location in Valparaiso. The perfect home for fellow travelers for either short, mid or long term stays.

When you have a dream, follow your instincts.
I live on the premises in the new ECCO building with my two boys Dante and Enzo, whatever you need I’m available!

Choose your preferred apartment, check availability and book! Group travels, long term rent or specific wishes, just contact us!

A hypnotizing art collection in your apartment, a variety of oil paintings to choose from. Fair trade, buy straight from local artists.

Try chilean delights, prepared and served at home in your apartment by a local Chef!

Citytours, wine tasting at the vineyards of Casablanca valley, excursions, airport transfer service... we arrange it for our guests!